Feed definitions

Dietary supplement

Complementary feedingstuffs, such as the products of Oreganofarm GmbH, are compound feedingstuffs which have a high content of certain substances but are sufficient for the daily ration due to their composition only with other feedingstuffs (Vo 767/2009, art. 3, j).

Feed additives

Feed additives, such as the oregano oil used by Oreganofarm GmbH, are substances, micro-organisms or preparations which are not feed materials or premixtures and are deliberately added to feed or water. (....) (art. 2, paragraph 2, point a) Regulation (EC) 1831/2003).


Premixtures, such as the products of Oreganofarm GmbH, are (pursuant to article 2, paragraph 2, letter E), Regulation (EC) 1831/2003) mixtures of feed additives or mixtures of one or more feed additives containing feed materials or Water as carriers not intended for direct feeding to animals.


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