Diarrhea in animals

Diarrhoeal diseases are a widespread problem in farm animal husbandry. of diarrhea (or diarrhea) is spoken when the bowel movement occurs particularly frequently and is rather fluid.

In addition to viruses and bacteria, there are other causes that can cause diarrhea in animals.

The general distinction is:
- Diarrhea due to parasitic bowel diseases (worms etc.)
- Diarrhea caused by infections (viruses, bacteria, etc.)
- Diarrhea in response to poisoning (spraying agents etc.)
- Diarrhea As a result of a non-inflammatory disease, such as stress, feed change etc.

The mechanism, as it comes to the symptoms of infection, can be different. Predominantly, the pathogens lead to a destruction of the mucous membrane of different proportions. As a result, food ingested in the gastrointestinal tract can no longer be digested. The undigested food binds water and liquefys the feces. In a bacterial diarrhoeal disease, the production of bacterial toxins (toxins) leads to an increased salt and water loss through the mucous membrane of the intestine.

In order to find the trigger for the diarrhea disease clearly it is advisable to remove a fecal sample from the diarrhea. In case of chronic diarrhea it is also advisable to carry out an endoscopic examination.

Due to the large loss of water and other risks, a doctor should be consulted in case of massive diarrhea complaints from the animal. This is particularly advisable if the animal suffering from diarrhea is in contact with other animals. Diarrhea diseases are often the first signs of particularly serious diseases that can be highly contagious.
Livestock farms should therefore be particularly attentive when an animal suffers from diarrhea.


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