Coccidiosis / Coccidia

The coccidiosis is a parasitic disease in which the digestive tract of the host is predominantly infested.

Symptoms of coccidiosis include apathy, eating disorders, digestive problems and weight loss.
The disease can lead to severe cases of sick animals in the event of a serious course.

The disease is very common in rabbits.
The coccidia that lead to the disease of rabbits are monocells of the genus Eimeria.
So-called coccidiostats are administered as therapy. The disease can heal quickly after successful treatment. In special cases, for example in the case of young animals, it can also kill.

Coccidia are latent in small quantities for most rabbits. They do not cause morbid symptoms in animals.
Due to unfavourable environmental conditions such as increased incidence of stress, feeding errors or hygiene deficiencies, there may be a strong proliferation of coccidia, which then leads to the disease coccidiosis.

It is therefore important to design the animal's posture and feeding in such a way that there is no proliferation of the coccidia.


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