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Important to know: There are great differences in quality in the oregano products offered on the market.
In addition to oregano products, which contain purely natural oregano oil, there are also products with synthetic oils or oils that have at least synthetic components. These products are often offered very cheaply.

Important for ensuring the highest quality standards is:

  • processing of a 100% natural oregano oil
  • the standardization of the active substances contained in the oil
  • a growing region that guarantees the best qualities

Our oil is not synthetic, not partly synthetic and has no "nature-identical components"!

Since we do not compromise on quality, the oregano oil processed by Oreganofarm GmbH is of course 100%. It is standardized for a consistent effect in its natural composition. The oregano oil for our products comes from a contract cultivation in the Black Sea region. The climatic conditions and soil qualities in the region are ideally suited for oregano cultivation and produce only the highest quality of the water.

The cultivation of the oregano is carried out sparingly without the use of spraying agents.
To ensure that no pesticides from neighboring fields or other contaminants in our oregano oil are guaranteed, each batch of oil is subjected to another laboratory test before being processed.

As a specialist in the field, Oreganofarm GmbH can offer you products of guaranteed, highest and consistent quality.

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